Westconnex & Parramatta Road

Our office has dealt with numerous compulsory acquisitions by branches of the New South Whales Government affecting residential and commercial property owners as well as business operating from these properties.  In this brief article we look at what WestConnex and provide further links to relevant sites for further research.

As per westconnex.com.au the project will widen and extend the M4 and M5 and join them together to form a continuous, free-flowing motorway. This will connect the Sydney CBD, Sydney Airport and Sydney Port.

The Westconnex project is set to be completed in 2023 and will be delivered in three stages with the final stage to open traffic in 2023.

WestConnex Stage 1, M4 Widening and M4 East will widen the existing M4 Motorway to four lanes in each direction from Church Street, Parramatta to Homebush Bay Drive, Homebush. The M4 Motorway will then be extended with twin tunnels, three lanes in each direction, from Homebush to Parramatta Road and the City West Link at Haberfield.

WestConnex Stage 2, New M5 twin tunnels will run underground from Kingsgrove to St Peters and more than double the capacity of the M5 East corridor. The New M5 connects to an upgraded King Georges Road Interchange and the St Peters Interchange.

WestConnex Stage 3, M4-M5 Link will join the M4 and M5 from Haberfield to St Peters with two new tunnels, three lanes in each direction, and provide connections to Victoria Road and the ANZAC bridge, and the future Western Harbour Tunnel.

WestConnex has several benefits that fall outside of motor traffic. It will provide additional connection for Passenger Rail, Freight Rail and Light Rail connection along its route. In addition the project incorporates an urban renewal strategy for Parramatta Road which is being led by Urban Growth NSW.


The Parramatta Road corridor is well known to Sydneysiders as a heavy and often congested traffic area. The vision of the Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Program seeks add the following derivable:

  • Up to 70,000 people in 40,000 new homes over the next 30 years well-located to transport and services, with a diverse mix of housing types and choices.
  • Up to $28bn total development value over 20 years, bringing significant economic benefits to the state.
  • A productive business environment to support viable and prosperous businesses, with land for up to 50,000 new jobs over 30 years.
  • Eight precincts will accommodate a diversity of land uses and densities, supported by a range of active and public transport.
  • An integrated and legible network of open space and pathways to encourage pedestrian and cycle activity.

Apart from the above mentioned Parramatta Road revival this project which is Australia’s largest infrastructure project will create numerous benefits to Sydney and NSW. Some of those benefits include:

  • Remove through traffic from local areas.
  • Provide $20B economic benefits to NSW
  • Provide 100s of apprenticeships
  • Create more than 10,000 jobs
  • Enable the bypass of 52 traffic lights.
  • Ease congestion and save time.
  • Reduce 610,719 tonnes of CO2 by 2021.

Compulsory acquisition of property and business have are ongoing and our office has assisted numerous clients in securing appropriate compensation as per the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991. Please do not hesitate to call our office for further information in regards to compulsory acquisition for the Westconnex project.