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We are property and business valuers located in Mosman, Sydney. Our web site and blog features information about us, information about our services, as well as news and blog articles related to valuation. Please contact our office should you require further information.

Strata Renewal in Sydney’s CBD and inner suburbs – An insight into building redevelopment and the collective renewal and sale process for strata plans. By Nicole Adamson, Director Edmonds Associates Valuers, Sydney.

In this article Nicole Adamson, Director of EA Valuers provides insights into Sydney's strata building upgrades and the collective renewal and sale requirements concerning strata plans.

Valuers to assist health care professionals with appropriate business practices and meet Department of Health regulations.

In this article EA Valuers summarises the Department of Health's Red Book regulation initiatives and how valuers may assist health care professionals and business owners in avoiding inappropriate commercial relationships between "requesters" and "providers".

Valuation of Child Care Centres in Sydney and Australia – A Valuer’s Perspective.

In this article EA Valuers reflect on the specialised nature of this market segment and what information our valuers consider most vital when valuing child care centers.

Retirement village valuations.

With Australia's population ageing retirement villages are gaining momentum as an alternative source of accommodation for retirees. This articles sheds some insight into valuation of retirement village lots and EA Valuer's activity in this space.

Sydney industrial unit valued on two valuation dates approximately 20 months apart.

EA Valuers were recently engaged to value a modern industrial strata unit in Sydney's north. Two separate dates of valuation approximately 20 months apart presented us with a good opportunity to track market developments in this competitive market segment.

NSW Government Announces Compulsory Acquisition Reforms.

As per a recent post by the Property Council of Australia available here The NSW Government last week announced reform of the compulsory acquisition of homes for the building of infrastructure in NSW. The reforms include: compensation for the disruption and upset for home owners being forced to relocate will be increased by $50,000 dollars [...]

Some key facts on retirement villages.

According to the Property Council of Australia as of 2015 approximately 184,000 Australians live in retirement villages. This equates to 5.7% of the over 65 population. The numbers of people turning 65 is increasing with the reduction of taxpayers to retirees taking place. The Property Council of Australia suggests that to support this growth there [...]

Smart homes more sustainable.

A smart home may contribute to improve the so called triple bottom line of your property - being financial, social and environmental. These aspects can be linked to various smart features of the home such as security, energy, efficiency, low operating costs, compliance with government requirements and comfort. There is no doubt that in Australia and [...]

NABERS for residential sustainability.

The NSW office of Environment and Heritage outlines the benefits of NABERS for the Australian commercial property industry. NABERS has a gained a reputation as leading the world in the greening of its commercial buildings and tenancies. NABERS uses a unique approach in measuring the environmental impacts of buildings. A high NABERS Rating is recognised [...]

Westconnex & Parramatta Road

Our office has dealt with numerous compulsory acquisitions by branches of the New South Whales Government affecting residential and commercial property owners as well as business operating from these properties.  In this brief article we look at what WestConnex and provide further links to relevant sites for further research. As per westconnex.com.au the project will [...]