Valuers to assist health care professionals with appropriate business practices and meet Department of Health regulations.

In this article EA Valuers summarises the Department of Health's Red Book regulation initiatives and how valuers may assist health care professionals and business owners in avoiding inappropriate commercial relationships between "requesters" and "providers".

Valuation of Child Care Centres in Sydney and Australia – A Valuer’s Perspective.

In this article EA Valuers reflect on the specialised nature of this market segment and what information our valuers consider most vital when valuing child care centers.

NSW Government Announces Compulsory Acquisition Reforms.

As per a recent post by the Property Council of Australia available here The NSW Government last week announced reform of the compulsory acquisition of homes for the building of infrastructure in NSW. The reforms include: compensation for the disruption and upset for home owners being forced to relocate will be increased by $50,000 dollars [...]

Westconnex & Parramatta Road

Our office has dealt with numerous compulsory acquisitions by branches of the New South Whales Government affecting residential and commercial property owners as well as business operating from these properties.  In this brief article we look at what WestConnex and provide further links to relevant sites for further research. As per the project will [...]

Baby Formula & Vitamins in China

As property and expert business valuers we are able to value industrial property such as warehouse and the associates business elements attached to these properties. We can also assist lessees in valuing their business if they do not own their premises. The purposes of valuations can be varied and may include mergers and acquisitions, dispute [...]

North Sydney Retail/Food

Our valuers recently assisted a North Sydney Restaurant/Take Away business to prepare a compulsory acquisition valuation and subsequent negotiations on their behalf. Business operators should known that they do not have to ‘own’ the property that they operate from and may be entitled to compensation under the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991 should [...]